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Creating a business continuity plan is far from a trivial exercise. Having stated this, however, it is equally the case that the creation of a plan is often made far more difficult than necessary.

Do you really need a complicated piece of software to create your plan? Do you need 20 years experience in business continuity planning? Do you need to divert untold resources into the plan creation exercise? Certainly, if you employ the Business Continuity Plan Generator, the answer is... NO!

business continuity template The BCP Generator - The Intelligent Template

The BCP Generator comprises two elements....

Ease of use is the key... this should not be rocket science. Both elements are provided as MS-Word documents.

The business continuity plan template will take away much of the difficulty... it covers the whole gamut of continuity planning needs. All you have to do is insert the specific details for your organization, business unit or office.

The guide explains each section and sub-section of the plan... in fact it dynamically links to the appropriate part of the plan for each issue considered! This allows you to develop the plan quickly and accurately with minimum of fuss.

business continuity template The BCP Generator - Continuity Planning Made Easy

The template covers everything from initial business impact analysis throught to return to business as usual following an incident. The forms included are very straightforward, allowing easy update and completion. Nothing is overlooked.

The format of the template/plan is designed for flexibility. It can be changed or edited at will, to reflect specific or unique needs.

The accompanying guide is nothing less than a fully comprehensive reference manual. It takes you step by step through the process, explaining what is neccesary and where to insert your specific data.

The BCP Generator takes the mystery out of business continuity planning. It makes it easily manageable, drawing on the knowledge of some of the most experienced continuity consultants in the industry.

business continuity generator Obtaining The Business Continuity Plan Generator
The BCP Generator can now be purchased online and instantly downloaded. You can obtain your copy at a special price of only $199.

business continuity plan   Buy the Business Continuity Plan Generator business continuity plan

Or contact us today for more information.

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