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Theory and Resources for Disaster Recovery Planning and Risk Analysis

Disaster Recovery Planning Made Easy

This site is intended to help organizations understand the overall process involved in the creation and maintenance of a disaster recovery or business continuity plan.

It provides some insight into aspects which are commonly overlooked or not fully emabraced, such as the need for business impact analysis. It also confronts the issue of ISO 17799, which is of course of growing influence.

Finally, it provides access to the leading support resources... including tools to build your plan with minimum fuss.

 The Role of Risk Analysis & BIA

Disaster Recovery is of course a vital activity. However, prior to the creation of a disaster recovery plan, it is essential to consider the potential impacts of disaster and to understand the underlying risks.... these are the foundations upon which a sound disaster recovery plan should be built.

Indeed, it is now widely accepted that both business impact analysis and risk analysis are vital components of the contingency planning process. However, many organizations are unsure of how to approach these important disciplines.

Building a Plan... Made Easy!

The process of actually building the plan need not be as arduous as it sounds.

This relatively new approach utilises a comprehensive set of pre-written templates, making life much easier. In addition, an accompanying guidebook helps to ensure (interactively) that you do not go astray.

ISO 17799 / BS7799

ISO17799 (BS7799) is an international security standard.... which covers disaster recovery planning in some detail. If you are seeking to comply with the standard, this page outlines a proven approach.

Policy Compliance

Many organizations stipulate continuity and recovery requirements within their own internal security policies. This page outlines an approach to ensure that your policies are of the requisite quality and that they are properly deployed and implemented.

Hopefully these pages will be of significant value. If not integral to this site they should at least point you in the right direction. If, however, you need further information to assistance, please contact us directly.

Disaster Recovery

Plan Generator

Download this disaster recovery plan template and interactive guidebook


Risk Analysis

COBRA is one of the most widely recognised risk analysis methods and tools.

Security Risk Analysis World explains all, and provides a download for evaluation.

Business Continuity World

Leading portal for business continuity. Covers all aspects from creation of the plan to audit.

Disaster Recovery World

Continuity and recovery software and resource portal.

ISO 17799

The ISO 17799 security standard covers continuity and recovery planning in depth. As its influence grows, it can no longer be ignored

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