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Disaster Recovery Policies

Ensuring policies are up to scratch and up to date has long been a problem for many organizations. Equally, the problem of deployment and compliance has posed difficult challenges.

How do you ensure that the policies are of the highest quality? How do you ensure that they are taken on board? How do you manage the whole process? 

The following site details an approach to tackle these problems in a methodical way. Again, this method and policy set is being used successfully by countless organizations across the world.

The following site not only provides a set of comprehensive and ISO17799 compliant policies, but covers deployment, management and policy compliance.

Security Policies & Baseline Standards: Effective Implementation

This site takes you through the issues step by step, explaining the possible approaches and how they can benefit any enterprise.



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Disaster Recovery

Plan Generator

Download this disaster recovery plan template and interactive guidebook


Risk Analysis

COBRA is one of the most widely recognised risk analysis methods and tools.

Security Risk Analysis World explains all, and provides a download for evaluation.

Business Continuity World

Leading portal for business continuity. Covers all aspects from creation of the plan to audit.

Disaster Recovery World

Disaster recovery software and resource portal.

ISO 17799

The ISO 17799 security standard covers disater recovery planning in depth. As its influence grows, it can no longer be ignored

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