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Business continuity planning and disaster recovery planning are of course a vital activities. However, identifying suitable sources of requisite information, services and products is sometimes a daunting task.

What products are needed? Where can I find the necessary services to make my plan work? Where can I find some useful continuity information? Have we got all bases covered?.... the list of questions if often very long.

This directory is intended to help. It identifies many of the key elements required for a successful continuity strategy and plan. In addition, it provides information on leading industry players in each category. Whether you are entirely new to business continuity and disaster recovery planning, or whether you have an established plan and strategy, this directory should hopefully prove to be of significant value




Risk analysis (incorporating business impact analysis) is fundamental to the process of ensuring a workable business continuity or disaster recovery plan.

Understanding the potential impacts of major disaster scenarios, and establishing the risks that could lead to such scenarios, is the first step to ensuring the BCP or DP plan meets the actual needs of the organization.

C&A Systems Security Ltd, developers of the leading COBRA risk analysis product and methodology, present an introduction to both these essential disciplines.


The basis of business continuity and disaster recovery planning is the plan itself. But where to start? Do you really need complex software to build it? How should it be organized? These are all extremely common questions.

The BCP Generator answers all of them. It is essentially an intelligent template. No fuss, no difficulty... just follow the process to build the plan.

The guidebook, which is also MS-Word driven, makes this even more straight forward (via macro links directly to the very part of the plan being explained). Easy yet extremely comprehensive and effective. The whole process, from impact analysis to publication of the final plan is covered.

The BCP Generator is claimed to make business continuity planning easy. It certainly goes a long way to achieving this!




Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is the process to ensure that a business can continue to operate after a disaster that would normally preclude it from trading. Achieving this goal in practice, however, often requires external guidence and recognised expertise.

BCRM are highly regarded specialists in this arena.


The effort required to maintain a business continuity and disaster recovery plan is extensive. As part of this, auditing the plan itself as well as the supporting arrangements is a critical function.

The Disaster Recovery Toolkit is a new tool designed to assist in this process. It performs a variety of functions, including criticality analysis and plan auditing support. It helps you to gain assurance that your continuity arrangements will actually work.




Policies underpin an organizations whole approach to contingency and disaster recovery. They determine the fundamental practices and culture throughout the enterprise.

A comprehensive and ISO17799 compliant set of pre-written disaster recovery and information security policies can be obtained from Security Policy World or the Security Policy Directory.



Fast efficient data storage... and, potentially critically, restoration, is now essential for many organizations. By utlising the services of a professional and trusted partner, many can rest assured that should the crunch materilise, essential data will be available again in a timely and efficient manner.

ATL Products have substantial experience in supplying data storage services, and can list a significant number of major corporations amongst its clients.




Most businesses are totally reliant upon telecommunications to communicate with customers, suppliers and trading partners. The humble telephone system... used for voice, data communications, networks and of course the internet.

GemaTech offers a range of continuity solutions to help ensure that this achilles heel is covered. Full scaleability ensures both flexibility and cost effectiveness.


Should the worst happen, you will almost certainly need access to recovery facilities and possibly premises.... quickly. It is, of course, far too late to think about this when the unthinkable occurs!

SG-RS utilises more than 20 recovery centers around the world to support clients in time of need. Everything from a replacement PC to a replacement office block is catered for.





This section contains new resources and sources suggested by readers of The Disaster Recovery Directory

  • The BCP Generator is already highly acclaimed for its no nonsense approach to continuity planning
  • New Software Release:   The Disaster Recovery Toolkit, from BC Associates
  • The online bookstore for disaster recovery & business continuity materials

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