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Earthquake Preparedness Tips for Business Owners

Earthquakes are the most unpredictable natural disasters, and they have various impacts due to their different powers.

As a business owner, you ought to think of this matter especially if you operate your business in an area which is vulnerable to earthquakes.

These are some handy tips to aid you in in preparedness for such disaster:

  1. Know more information about your business` sites: You must have efficient information about the history of your company`s geographical area and its vulnerability on earthquakes, these information can be very useful to know the percentage of earthquake incidents occurrence.
  2. Insurance companies contract: Check with your legal department on this matter, you ought to have an insurance company contract on earthquakes, they’re often very useful in the right time, also an insurance company can provide you with the required information and policies against earthquakes.
  3. Check your buildings` quality: From time to time, you ought to consult a construction company to check on your building`s quality with the right methods and tools, these guys have the required knowledge to measure your building`s vulnerability against sudden disasters just like earthquakes, they’d determine the weak points in your buildings, and they’d have solutions to empower them, or maybe they’d just redesign your work place to make it more safe and prepared for such incidents.
  4. Follow the authorities` instructions on earthquakes: Every government has its own policies according to the nature of its land, these policies consists of handling and treating disasters such as earthquakes, based on ongoing studies and developed sciences, local authorities always make disasters act guidelines for each type of activity operated by the people, including companies and civil places, using these guidelines in accountability will result in reducing the damage results made by the earthquake.
  5. Make a recognizable exit emergency way or a shelter place: This ought to be in every building, and they must be recognized for all the people within the building, whether the right act is to exit the building or to have a shelter in the building.
  6. Training your employees with practical information / strategy: Every one of your employee should have the practical knowledge of dealing with earthquakes, a suitable strategy must be planned by disaster risk department, based on the building type, and act guidelines, To make everyone of the company act by a certain planned guidelines, these practical information includes instructions of protection like covering, going under desks, staying away from windows and large objects, and others.
  7. Always backup your data: Making a scheduled time table for data backup will minimize data loses, always try to have this data backups in a safe and reachable places, for example clouding is a good solution for this matter.
  8. Keep your valuable assets in strong places: You should consider to have your most valuable assets in the safest places at the building and the most protected sites against disasters, this will reduce the cost to the minimum, if you manage to keep these assets safe.


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