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What is a Business Continuity Plan (BCP)?


Every business company or owner faces multi challenges on many aspects of his field.

Many process must be taken care in accountability for the continuity and success of any business, and as (Winston S. Churchill) said: "Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts."

One of the challenges that faces any business in the life is sudden incidents, they`re some actions or situations that appear suddenly, and you don't have as a business owner any role to control or to prevent them, especially if they were caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes or storms.

Although there are many other factors among the incidents, such as human behaviors, the business` market, and certainly the life cycle itself which contains developments and decreases.

Scientists and business experts always tend to note and identify any process that leads to the sustainability and success of a business, and as learners we always seek the practical knowledge required for doing and maintaining our business.


Business continuity plan could be defined simply as: the documented process of a plan contains the information which is required to prevent, restore, and maintain business process if any expected / sudden event(s) occurs during business operations.


Large enterprises and companies often has a department called the "Business continuity management" which specializes in handling and maintaining that matter.

This department ought to cover any information related to business operations made by / in / for the company, these information simply maintain the process of business by providing substitute and suitable solutions for any damage / shortage on the company`s resources such as:

An effective business plan manage to restore and to maintain company`s business operations with the lowest amount of resources` loses and in the minimum amount of time, and on the same time to find an alternative solutions to keep the business` operations going, even sometimes during the disaster / issue event.

However business continuity plan must be acknowledged, prepared and defined by all company`s major departments, to identify every person`s role on this plan.

Many companies always train its employees by virtual training for this plan, to make them prepared for any sudden events, and to resolve issues, gaps, or breaches on the plan, which is required to reach the most effective result for the plan.


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